What Are Political Contribution Disclosures?

Under its pay-to-play rules, the MSRB requires municipal securities dealers to disclose information in connection with certain political contributions they make to governmental issuer officials, state and local political parties, and bond ballot referendum committees.

  • Accessing Political Contribution Disclosures

    The MSRB makes political contribution disclosure documents available to the public on EMMA. Enter a dealer’s name to access information about contributions made to issuer officials by the dealer, its municipal professionals and related political action committees (PACs).

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    Other federally filed information on political contributions

  • What Information Does a Political Contribution Disclosure Provide?

    Quarterly reports on Form G-37 submitted by municipal securities dealers disclose certain contributions to issuer officials, payments made to political parties of states or political subdivisions, and contributions made to bond ballot campaigns by the dealers’ municipal finance professionals and executive officers, and by political action committees controlled by the dealer or its municipal finance professionals. Dealers must also report issuers with which they have engaged in municipal securities business.

    A limited number of dealers also have submitted quarterly reports on Form G-38t that include information about transitional payments solely for past services provided by consultants, including compensation arrangements, municipal securities business obtained, payments pending, and reportable political contributions and political party payments.