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Continuing Disclosure

Issuers of municipal securities and entities working on their behalf disclose material information to the marketplace such as annual financial information and event notices. In December 2008, the Securities and Exchange Commission directed the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board to establish a continuing disclosure service of the MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system effective July 1, 2009. The continuing disclosure service of EMMA collects continuing disclosure documents from the issuer community and makes them available to the public for free through EMMA.

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Understanding Continuing Disclosure
FAQs About Continuing Disclosures on EMMA (PDF)

Information for Issuers, Obligated Persons and Agents

EMMA's continuing disclosure service accepts electronic submissions of continuing disclosure documents and related information from issuers, obligated persons and their agents according to continuing disclosure undertakings entered into consistent with Exchange Act Rule 15c2-12. After July 1, 2009, issuers or obligated parties file these documents with EMMA and will no longer need to file documents at multiple Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repositories.
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Manual for Continuing Disclosure Submission on EMMA (PDF)
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